What Is Scheduled Auto Maintenance?

Purchasing a new European vehicle is exciting, but being a car owner comes with responsibilities. If you want your car to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, it will require routine auto maintenance. Look inside the vehicle owner’s manual and you will find a detailed calendar of when and what needs to be done to keep your vehicle in great shape. This schedule was developed when the car was being engineered with the purpose of helping owners get the most life out of their new European vehicle. Without routine maintenance, the engine, transmission, and other parts will fail relatively quickly. So what does scheduled auto maintenance entail?

Fluid Flush Services

The brakes, transmission, power steering, differential, and cooling systems each utilize a special fluid that allows them to do their job with ease. At specific mileage intervals, these fluids need to be drained and replaced, as well as any filters that the system utilizes. After many miles of use, these fluids collect moisture and debris or otherwise break down, meaning they can no longer perform properly. A fluid flush refreshes the system and keep your vehicle chuggin’ along.

Oil Changes

One of the most important aspects of auto maintenance is conducting oil changes — on time, every time. While not all vehicles require an oil change every 4-6,000 miles, this is a safe number to use, especially if your vehicle has high mileage. Fresh oil helps regulate engine temperature, and draining old oil restores power and fuel efficiency. This all provides your engine with the lubrication it so desperately needs. Never skip an oil change!

30/60/90K Auto Maintenance

All cars, trucks, and SUVs need general maintenance to assess their overall health. These check-ups are often performed at 30,000-mile intervals — 30/60/90K maintenance. During a 30/60/90K maintenance check, a mechanic considers every system of the vehicle, searching for problems such as fluid leaks, wear and tear, and any other potential issues. The vehicle’s electronics, safety systems, belts, hoses, and filters are all inspected and replaced as needed.

Skipping scheduled auto maintenance for your car will only do it harm. By caring for your vehicle and checking for potential issues, you can greatly extend its life. For expert European auto maintenance in Pottstown, go see the ASE certified technicians at 610AutoHaus. We offer bumper to bumper auto maintenance for European makes and models at our full-service auto repair shop.

Image by Jay George from Pixabay