Unforgettable Places To Visit In Pennsylvania

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The history of Pennsylvania tells you something about its beauty before even setting foot in the state. Sylvania translates to wooded land or a land full of woods. The name is perfectly befitting of our northeastern state. Its location in the country puts it in a region that is visited by all the seasons in their full glory. For example, winters are intense and so is the beauty of the season. The snow covers the landscape and trees making it picturesque for visitors. Autumn is no less majestic as all of the wooded lands are covered with multi-colored leaves that cover the mountains and trees like well-dressed mannequins. Pennsylvania’s landscape is mostly made up of mountains and hills, while the valleys are mostly punctuated by forest. If you are fortunate to get to visit PA here are a few unforgettable places to experience.

Lake Erie

Yes, that’s right one of our Great Lakes and practically our national treasures borders Pennsylvania. When we think of the Great Lakes we usually think of Ohio, Canada, and Michigan. Pennsylvania is less recognized for bordering this majestic lake. Lake Erie is one the largest lakes in the United States, and even across the country. Visiting here affords you the opportunity to even know that you are visiting a state with a lake that borders Canada,
especially if you can’t go international at the time. As you visit, make sure to take a cruise along the lake to see lighthouses, towns, and maybe participate in watersports.


Here again, the name gives you a peek inside this popular, beautiful vacation escape for many people, every year, in any season. Poconos is translated to mean river surrounded by two hills. It is exactly that, the mountains are beautiful and serve its visitors well with the opportunity to ski, fish, canoe, rafting, and plenty of hiking. The Poconos caters to so many varying tastes. You will be able to find wine tasting and hunting. From ski slopes to gambling. The casinos are popular and the area has maintained its rustic countryside. Even though it caters to a large metropolitan area of New York and New Jersey, it still is a get away from the hustle of the city life. The trails that present waterfalls and wildlife will not disappoint, all without being more than two and a half hours from the Big Apple. While in or near Pottstown PA, visit 610AutoHaus for any of your car care needs.

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