Testing & Inspection

Vehicle diagnostics and inspections are very valuable tools. 610AutoHaus uses both in our daily European automotive service and repair operations. These tools benefit you and us, which is why we recommend them. If your vehicle has something wrong with it that isn’t visible to the naked eye, a diagnostic check can help us find it. If you would like to buy a new-to-you vehicle, an inspection can ensure you aren’t buying a lemon. These are just two instances when testing and inspection services are important in automotive maintenance and repair.

Testing & Inspection

Vehicle Diagnostics

You love your European automobile and all of its bells and whistles. These bells and whistles are electronic, and they, along with all vehicle systems, are monitored by an onboard computer. Think of your vehicle as a spaceship with a computerized copilot. This computer constantly receives data from each automotive system while you drive your car. Should something go wrong, the system will report this to the computer and the computer will turn on a dashboard warning light. Dashboard warning lights, especially the check engine light, usually warn of

  • Battery or electrical system trouble
  • Brake trouble
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Cooling system/radiator issues
  • Engine performance trouble
  • Exhaust system problems
  • Fuel system issues
  • Oil problems
  • Sensor failure
  • Spark plug trouble
  • Tire inflation issues
  • Transmission concerns

These are just some of the reasons why dashboard warning lights come on, and depending on the problem, we might need the data from your copilot to identify the issue so we can fix it. This is why diagnostic checks are performed; to receive the communication between the vehicle system and computer so we know what went wrong exactly. Usually, this communication is in the form of an error code that we receive once the diagnostic check is complete. Diagnostics are a fantastic automotive service tool that reduces the time it takes for us to find out what’s wrong with your car.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections are also crucial to your European automobile’s maintenance and repair. Visual inspections help us see things such as worn brake pads, dirty motor oil, frayed electrical wiring, or other common problems. Inspections are also required in some states to verify a vehicle’s safety. Pennsylvania is one such state that requires vehicle safety inspections, and we perform them here at 610AutoHaus. Vehicle inspections are also a great tool when you’re considering buying a used car. A full professional inspection catches unreported damage, shoddy maintenance, and insufficient repair work.

610AutoHaus is Pottstown, Pennsylvania’s European automotive service and repair experts. We use both diagnostics and inspections to keep your vehicle safe and reliable on the road. Call us today to schedule your next vehicle service.