Should I Get a Routine Hose Inspection

The hoses in your vehicle move fluids throughout the car, transporting these vital fluids to several components in your engine. Automotive hoses are typically made of two layers of rubber with a layer of fabric between them to give them extra durability. While hoses aren’t something many of us even think about, getting a routine hose inspection is extremely important if you want to practice good preventative maintenance.

Common Types of Hoses

The types of hoses found in a vehicle can vary slightly, but there are three main, very important hoses that serve a vital role in the operation of your car. These hoses include:

  • The radiator and heater hoses. These hoses move coolant to your engine and heater core, ensuring that your car doesn’t overheat. If they’re leaking or cracking, you could run the risk of serious damage to your engine that could be extremely costly.
  • The fuel hose. This hose transports the gasoline from your gas tank to your engine. It goes without saying that if this hose is in disrepair, you probably won’t be going very far.
  • Power steering hose. The power steering how connects the power steering pump the steering gear and transports the power steering fluid. You need this hose in order to ensure that your steering and handling are working as they should.

How to Look for Damage

Even if you decide not to take your car to a mechanic for a routine hose inspection, there are some things you can look for yourself in order to determine if you have a problem. When your engine is cooled down, look closely at the hose for any signs of degradation. Squeeze along the hose and see if it feels pliable. If it returns back to its normal shape, it should be in excellent condition. You’ll also want to examine your hoses for any cracks. Cracks may indicate that the rubber is starting to wear down. If you see rust around any fasteners or connectors, it’s time to bring your car to a mechanic for a closer look. Rust usually indicates that the hose may break away from your engine or radiator.

And, of course, you’ll need to check for leaks. Loose connectors can cause coolant to leak out, and it can even get into the carpet of your vehicle’s floor! If your hoses are discolored or swollen in appearance, it’s a sure sign that they should be replaced. Talk to your mechanic and ask them any questions you have about the condition of these vital hoses.

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