Reasons Why Your European Automobile’s Engine Is Sputtering

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European automobiles are known for their performance; a sputtering engine just shouldn’t happen. In any vehicle, whether European, Asian, Domestic, engine sputtering signals an internal problem stemming from the exhaust system or combustion chamber most likely. It can also be a fuel-related problem. If your vehicle’s engine has started sputtering recently, bring it into 610AutoHaus for an inspection. We’ll find the cause of the performance issue and fix it. Here are some possibilities.

Fuel System Problems

In most cases, a sputtering engine can be traced back to fuel system trouble. Your engine relies on a steady flow of fuel to meet the power demands you ask of it. If anything compromises the gasoline flow, such as clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel pump or filter, your engine will sputter. Clogged fuel lines can also cause problems, as can the wrong gasoline, i.e. a gas octane that is too low for your engine.

Leaking Gaskets or Seals

Your engine’s combustion chamber needs protection from contaminants of any kind. Gas from engine exhaust and motor oil can damage the combustion chamber. As such, there are gaskets and seals that prevent anything from getting into or coming out of the combustion chamber that shouldn’t be. If there is a leak in one of the gaskets or seals, your engine will sputter because the combustion is affected.

Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

The Mass Airflow sensor is also called the MAF, and it is tasked with determining how much air is in the air and fuel mixed in the carburetor. Combustion engines need this mixture ignited by the ignition coil, distributor cap, and spark plugs in order to start and run. If the MAF is failing or gets dirty from the natural byproducts of a combustion engine, it won’t be able to monitor the engine air properly.

Bad or Misfiring Spark Plugs

Spark plugs must be installed so that they fire in the proper order. If they aren’t installed properly, they will misfire and cause your engine to sputter. If the spark plugs are going bad or there is a problem with the plug wires, your engine will sputter. If the sputtering gets too bad, the engine will stall and you might not be able to get it started because the plugs cannot generate the spark needed for ignition.

Vacuum Hose or Exhaust Manifold Leak

Alongside ignited combustion, your European automobile’s engine also uses vacuum pressure to generate energy to create power. The exhaust manifold produces this energy from vehicle exhaust. The vacuum hoses transport this energy throughout the engine to power various components. If there is a leak in the manifold or any of the hoses, your engine will sputter and could even die.

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