My Car Keeps Blowing Fuses! Why?

Whether in your automobile or your home, blowing fuses is annoying. They’re also a sign of trouble. Fuses blow – cut the electricity – to prevent fire; something is causing a short or surge. In the case of automotive fuses, even those on European automobiles, there is likely a short circuit somewhere in the vehicle’s electrical system. 610AutoHaus explains more about auto fuses and why they blow below. 

What Is a Short Circuit?

An electrical system has conductors that run electricity to the source that needs to be powered. If there is a problem with the connection between two conductors, you’ll end up with an electrical overload in the related circuit. Once the circuit is overloaded, it will blow the fuse to prevent an electrical fire.

Frayed Wires/Insulation

One thing that can cause a short circuit is frayed electrical wiring or wire insulation. Over the years, the electrical wiring and insulation deal with a ton of engine heat. Eventually, this insulation might fray and expose the wiring to your automobile’s metal framing or engine parts. This will blow the related fuse.

Malfunctioning Component

The short-circuiting problem might not be in the wiring at all, however. Another common automotive problem that blows fuses is component failure. For example, if your windshield wipers keeping blowing a fuse when you use them, it could be the wiper motor that is malfunctioning rather than the wiring.

Water Damage

If you have a fluid leak in your European automobile, any liquid dripping onto electrical wiring, the wiring harness, or the electrical connection points will short out the circuit and blow the fuse. It’s important to ensure your electrical conductors are never exposed to moisture, including auto fluids.

Wrong Fuses

Finally, your fuses could be the problem. If you put the wrong fuse in the circuit, including the wrong voltage rating, you will blow the fuse. It’s important to ensure you have the right fuse in each circuit. Your owner’s manual has a fuse box guide that tells you the correct voltage for each box circuit.

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