It’s Time for Spring Vehicle Maintenance for Your European Automobile

Now is the perfect time to get spring vehicle maintenance done on your European automobile. Not only does this allow us here at 610AutoHaus to check for winter damage, but it also lets us make sure that your vehicle is ready to handle the summer heat. Here is a list of recommended maintenance for your European automobile no matter its make or model.

Air Conditioner

It’s time to have your vehicle’s air conditioner checked. You want to make sure that it’s ready for its summer job of keeping your vehicle’s cabin cool and comfortable. An annual A/C check in the spring ensures you have plenty of refrigerant and that there aren’t any leaks or other problems.


Pottstown, Pennsylvania winters are hard on your car’s battery. We get cold here and this reduces your battery’s power and adds additional strain. Spring is the perfect time to have your battery tested to make sure that it is still capable of carrying a charge so that you don’t end up with a dead battery.


Belts and hoses should be checked annually, so why not do it in the spring? This ensures winter’s cold weather hasn’t hardened and cracked the belts and hoses your engine relies on. Anything that needs to be changed can be changed before you end up with belt damage or a hose leak.


Fluids, especially oil, should be checked and changed in the spring, as well. Motor oil in particular can suffer through the winter, even if you use synthetic or a synthetic blend. Now is a good time to have the fluid levels and cleanliness/viscosity checked as well as the oil changed.


You spring clean your home so why not spring clean your car, too. Clean all the interior and exterior lights and replace any bulbs that have burned out over the winter. Give your European automobile a special treat by getting it detailed, too, before summer hits.


Check your tire pressure and inspect each tire to assess the tread wear. Look for patches of uneven wear or wear along the inner and outer edges. If it’s time for a tire rotation, schedule it. You might also need a wheel balance and alignment. If you need new tires, get them now so you have plenty of traction during April showers.


Finally, road salt can wreak havoc on your automobile’s underside, so have it inspected every spring for rust and corrosion. The salt used to keep our roads from being too slick in the winter is also very damaging to your automobile’s metal and paint.

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Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels via Canva Pro