How Diagnostic Testing Has Changed the Auto Repair Industry

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Do you remember full-service gas stations? You’d pull in, instruct the gas station attendant to “fill ‘er up,” and relax while he did so and also cleaned your windows and popped the hood to check your oil. Those days are gone, and modern automobile technology has also changed how technicians inspect your vehicle. Yes, we pop the hood to see what’s going on, but we also use state-of-the-art equipment at 610AutoHaus to diagnose your vehicle’s problems.

What Is a Diagnostic Test Exactly?

A diagnostic test is a test that is performed with your vehicle’s onboard computer. Basically, an auto technician hooks up the onboard computer to a diagnostic machine and that machine instructs the computer to test all vehicle systems and return a report for each one. Through the report, the computer confirms all systems are a-okay or returns error codes on failing systems or parts. The error codes help the technician isolate a problem, whether the driver already suspected an issue or the problem was undetected otherwise. Automobiles are quite complex these days, and a diagnostic test finds things invisible to the naked eye.

How Does This Help Mechanics?

If you’ve ever run a virus scan on your computer, you understand how diagnostic testing helps mechanics. Your computer is running sluggish and you don’t know why. You check all the files on your hard drive through your file manager and you don’t see anything odd. You run the virus scan and suddenly – poof – you have malware somewhere in your computer that you would have never seen. An automobile diagnostic test works much in the same way. A driver might complain that his or her vehicle’s acceleration is sluggish yet upon visual inspection, the mechanic cannot isolate the problem. A diagnostic test reveals an electrical problem. Boom. Issue solved.

21st Century Auto Repair

This is how diagnostic testing has changed the auto repair industry. It allows mechanics to keep up with modern-day vehicles. If you pop the hood of a classic car, everything is very straightforward. If you drive a classic car, the interior is very straightforward, too. Today’s automobile has everything from onboard entertainment systems to anti-lock brakes to self-parking capabilities. They aren’t a set of plugs, a carburetor and muffler. They are complex pieces of technology and diagnostic testing has become necessary to properly identify mechanical problems. So, perhaps it isn’t diagnostic testing that has changed the auto repair industry; it’s automobile manufacturing that has.

Yep. We here at 610AutoHaus can’t just pop the hood to determine what’s wrong with your car, truck or SUV anymore – at least not most of the time. We can, however, run a diagnostic test to check all systems, and we’d be happy to do so. We are located in Pottstown, PA, and you can call us at 610-628-4271 to schedule your vehicle’s diagnostic test.

Call 610AutoHaus at 610-427-4505 for an appointment today!

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