How Can I Tell if My Water Pump Is Going Out?

The water pump is part of your European automobile’s cooling system. It is the part that circulates the coolant out of the radiator and through the engine. As the coolant is pushed through the engine, it draws away heat to ensure your vehicle’s engine never gets hotter than 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 610AutoHaus can replace your water pump if it is going out. This usually occurs between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. If you have that many miles on your car, here are signs your water pump is having problems.

Poor Circulation

Although this might sound like a health condition, if the water pump loses power and can no longer circulate the coolant through the engine effectively, you will end up with an overheated engine. Things that can affect the water pump’s ability to circulate coolant include a dying pump motor or loose drive belt.

Pump Leaks

If you see coolant – you can tell the color of the coolant in your engine by looking at it in the overflow reservoir – leaking from the front of your automobile near the center, it is most likely leaking from the pump. Coolant can leak out of the water pump from a failed bearing or seal among other places.


If coolant is leaking out of the water pump slowly, you might not see spots on your garage floor. You will, however, see grunge buildup around the water pump itself. This gunk will look rusty and you might even notice that the pump’s surface is pitted or has cavities. This is caused by slow leaks.

Whining Sounds

As the water pump ages, the parts in the motor will wear down and whine. The whining noises could also be coming from the drive belt or the belt tensioner. In most cases, the whining noise will increase as you pick up speed. You might also hear grinding or growling if the pump motor has bad bearings.

Overheated Engine

Naturally, if the pump is not circulating the engine coolant, your engine will overheat. It will also overheat if you have a leak, as your coolant level will be too low. If you find yourself having to add coolant to your engine regularly, or if your engine is overheating, have the issue inspected ASAP.


The hotter your engine gets the more chances you’ll see steam coming out from underneath the hood. When your vehicle’s engine reaches this temperature, you have scalding hot coolant that will not only damage your engine but could burn you severely. Pull over right away and turn your automobile off. Don’t attempt to check the radiator or other cooling system parts until your engine is completely cold.

Call or stop by 610AutoHaus if your engine is not overheating. If it is overheating, call for a tow to our European auto service shop in Pottstown, PA. We’ll make sure your water pump is not going bad and inspect the rest of your vehicle’s cooling system.

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