Don’t Skimp on a Used Car Inspection

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You’ve finally found it! Your dream Porsche. It’s used but it is in mint condition and doesn’t have a ton of miles on it. You can just buy it, right? It’s dealer-certified and it’s only had one previous owner; no worries. Well, to be honest, 610AutoHaus recommends you dig a little deeper before you purchase any used automobile. Even your dream Porsche. Thoroughly inspecting any used car, whether European, Domestic, or Asian ensures you don’t regret your purchase. Don’t skimp on protecting yourself with a used car inspection.

Do the “Paper” Research First

Take advantage of the numerous resources available to drivers today that weren’t available to them years ago. If you are looking at a used car at a dealership, ask the dealer for the vehicle’s history report. Go online and also obtain history reports from other certified vendors for comparison. If you are purchasing the used vehicle privately, ask the driver for proof of vehicle maintenance and any accident repairs, and run the online history check, as well.

Stay online to research your used car. Run a search for your dream Porsche, including the model and year, and then review what automotive professionals have to say about it as well as what drivers in forums have to say about the car. Sometimes, you can only find hidden problems through consumer complaints. Feedback is a huge indicator of how reliable a used car is, as is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety report, which you will find on the NHTSA website.

Used Car Inspection Pottstown, PA

Schedule an inspection and test drive with the dealership or private seller. Make sure to let them know you plan to spend significant time with the automobile. Visually inspect everything yourself. Look for anything that seems off, such as exterior paint that doesn’t quite match or the vehicle sitting lower on one wheel. Take it for an extended test drive, too. Make sure to use all of the accessories to ensure they work and drive it on city streets, highways, and winding roads to see how it handles.

Good enough? Not quite. Have the used car inspected by an automotive professional, too. A professional inspection is well worth the money because it detects damage invisible to the naked eye, such as undercarriage damage, fire or flood damage, electrical trouble, and even shabby maintenance work. Your investigative work, inspection, and test drive coupled with a set of professional eyes can ensure that your used dream Porsche is, indeed, a dream car and not a lemon.

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