Common Mercedes-Benz Air Conditioning Problems

It isn’t unusual for any automobile to have air conditioning problems, and Mercedes-Benz drivers often find themselves frustrated with the same AC issues across the board. Thankfully, 610AutoHaus has repaired Mercedes-Benz air conditioners countless times, so we can diagnose and fix your Benz AC quickly. Here are common things that go wrong with Mercedes-Benz automobile air conditioners.

Compressor Failure

If you hear noise when you turn on your car’s AC and the air flowing through the vents doesn’t cool down, chances are the AC compressor is the culprit. This common problem happens with older Mercedes-Benz models and other European automobiles. Without the compressor, the AC cannot work. It is what circulates the refrigerant to cool the air. Constant cycling on and off can wear the compressor down as your car ages.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your Mercedes-Benz AC uses refrigerant to cool the air before it blows it through the vents. On average, any car, whether a Mercedes or otherwise, will lose approximately 15 percent of its total refrigerant annually. Over time, the dissipated refrigerant must be replaced to restore the cold air. Refrigerant can also leak out of the system through damaged components, broken seals, or weakened valves. A yearly AC check can prevent leaks.

Control Issues

Your Mercedes-Benz uses electricity generated by the alternator to power the air conditioner. If your alternator is failing, your AC might not even turn on. Air conditioning system parts can also suffer electrical problems that prevent the cool air from making its way into your vehicle’s cabin. These parts operate the compressor, and they are the clutch, control module, and pressure switches.

Condenser Leaks

The compressor circulates the refrigerant into the condenser which cools it. If the condenser is leaking, you’ll lose the coolant pumped into it by the compressor. Restricted airflow can also cause problems with the condenser. In fact, dirt and road debris can actually puncture a hole in the condenser through which the refrigerant will leak out and you, unfortunately, will not cool down.

Cooling Fan

Finally, the cooling fan is controlled by the cooling fan control unit. If this part malfunctions or fails, it will directly affect the fan’s ability to operate and reduce the interior temperature of your Mercedes-Benz. The unit is a module that connects the fan to the AC system. The connection itself can be the problem if it becomes dirty or corroded, or the module itself could malfunction and die.

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