Cars You Won’t See in 2020

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With gas coming off the ceiling, car buyers feel able to more freely indulge in roomy SUVs and crossovers, so sales on sedans and hybrids have taken a hit. In answer to demand, many carmakers have chosen to suspend production on certain models in favor of more popular styles. Here’s a look at cars you won’t buy new in 2020:

Ford Focus and Taurus

When gas prices hiked and everyone sold their SUVs to buy sedans, the Ford Taurus ruled the road. Cyclical fuel costs have shifted again, however, and Ford plans to phase out this compact and large model to focus efforts on the more popular F-150.

Honda CR-Z

Hybrids across the board have lost vigor, but the CR-V came onto the scene well after the hybrid peak, making its fall that much harder.

Ford C-Max

Like the CR-V, the Ford C-Max fell prey to terrible timing, and this hybrid won’t live to see another year.

Hyundai Azera

Hyundai, a carmaker known for creating affordable, dependable vehicles, struck out with an attempt to break into the luxury market. Thus, the Azera will lose and Hyundai will go back to what it does best.

Chevrolet Volt, Cruze, Impala

With more sedans and hybrids falling off a cliff (or being pushed, more like it), Chevrolet is giving up on these models. Though the Volt got high marks in several categories, sales never made it a sustainable option, and Chevrolet took note.

Nissan Juke

The only crossover on this list, the Nissan Juke lost its place to the carmaker’s other crossover, the Nissan Kicks.

Cadillac CT6, ATS and XTS

Once the pinnacle of high class, the Cadillac has been replaced by other big-name luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Another likely reason for the decision–consumers with enough funds to buy a Cadillac are springing for SUVs.

Toyota Prius V

Trying to fill the demand for larger vehicles, the Pruis V is a roomier version of its cousin, the Prius. Unfortunately, this one hasn’t been on the production line since 2017.

Volkswagen Touareg and Beetle

This German powerhouse still plans to sell the Touareg in foreign markets but won’t keep the model going here in the U.S. Instead, Volkswagen will concentrate on more popular SUVs like the Tiguan and Atlas. Also seeing its last year, the Beetle is saying goodbye in 2019. True, the unique auto will be missed, but the public wants what it wants.

Final Thoughts

If you see your spirit auto on this list, don’t fret. Carmakers are as finicky as consumers, bringing back once-shunned cars when you least expect it. If the Ford Ranger can make a comeback, any of these can, too.

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