10 Top Picks of 2019: Best Cars of the Year

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Car and Driver has just released its top picks for the best cars of 2019. Of course, the list covers several categories (sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, among others), but we’ve narrowed it down even further and compiled a top ten list. Here goes:

Audi A6

With several models showing up on the comprehensive list, Audi makes a darn good car. More specifically, the A6 has solid performance numbers and earns points for a quiet ride. On the downside, it isn’t exceptionally exciting to drive. Then again, not many sedans are.

Nissan Maxima

Making the list among full-size sedans, the Nissan Maxima is touted for its roomy front seat, V-6 engine and impressive gas mileage (32 mpg). For the cons, it lacks trunk space and rear-seat headroom.

Honda Accord Hybrid

What, no Prius? You got it. The Prius didn’t even make Car and Driver’s Hybrid and Electric list. Instead, Honda takes two seats, but the Accord feels more impressive. With a high-performing engine and spacious interior, the Honda gives drivers a cozy commute. For the negatives, it isn’t as quiet as other models and lacks storage space.

Mercedes AMG E53

If you want to go all out, the Mercedes provides the ultimate luxury and envious-neighbor factor. With a sporty look and extravagant interior, you’ll be blown away by the new technology. Of course, the biggest downside to this model is the cost. But you already know that.


With small SUVs and crossovers gaining in popularity, this model has potential for greatness. Experts note its penchant for maneuverability (always a plus with an SUV), but groan over its bumpy ride.

Honda CR-V

There’s a reason you see a ton of these on the road. Their spacious cargo bay and well-designed interior make driving fun. On the flip side, it can’t tow efficiently and lacks standard driver assists.

Audi Q7

Always on top of their game, Audi makes an awesome SUV with the Q7 (it has three row flexibility), although experts don’t love its four-cylinder engine.

Chevrolet Suburban

If you frequently tote a small soccer team, this large SUV is the way to go. It lacks fuel efficiency, but that comes with the territory. On the other hand, it has ample storage and can tow just about anything.

Ford F-150

Consistently at the top for trucks, the Ford F-150 is a solid investment. Its high-level technology and impressive engine score big points, while its noisy ride and low fuel economy continue to underperform.

Chrysler Pacifica

Because every good list has a minivan, Car and Driver showcases this Chrysler model. Ideal for large families, it also has hybrid capabilities.

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